Weddings are hyped in our culture and forced marriages happen every other around us. But this peculiar marriage has made buzz on the social media for all the wrong reasons. The bride apparently saw her lover in deep sorrow after the conclusion of her wedding ceremony.

What happened next astonished everyone. The bride made her decision to leave everything and elope with her old lover. The situation threw chaos on the bride’s as well as groom’s families. The incident took place in Guruvayoor.

Drama unfolded

The decision to elope after marriage raised many quarrels. The groom’s family asked for a compensation of 15 lakhs  and after intervention of police it came down to 8 lakhs.

The groom didn’t let the situation take control of him. He has been actively posting his happy moments to share with loved ones.

This incident became an online sensation. Some support the bride for her decision and most likely believe it is mistake of her parents. She wouldn’t have had to take the following steps if her parents would have considered her previous affair.While some believe it was a right thing done in wrong way.

She could have eloped before getting married. The issue also raises controversy of neglecting the grooms position.

If a woman was left by a man in the  same manner, it would have been pitched on a higher level. Though the news got through few newspaper and online website, it didn’t get the kind of attention that a woman’s case would have gotten.

We would like to know your views on the same.

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