We have seen Indian cricket team playing it’s best and along with talented players, we are blessed to have humble hearts. Harbhajan Singh, Indian spinner has come forward to help and support Foundation of a well-known player from Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi founded the S. Afridi Foundation. SAF, a charitable foundation,  provides help to the poor and an economically backward population of Pakistan. Perhaps boundaries don’t keep a good person from helping the lesser privileged.

Shahid Afridi took this opportunity to praise the act of kindness on his twitter handle. He was moved by the support he receives from Indian players.



Token of Appreciation

Furthermore, he added a heartwarming caption.

“Breaking all barriers, crossing all boundaries for love & peace & humanity. ThankU @harbhajan_singh for supporting. “

In addition to the picture that describes their friendly relationship off the field.

In the past, our very skipper, Virat Kohli had also helped the foundation giving a bat consisting of Virat’s signature.

Consequently, these items are auctioned to raise funds. The most cutting-edge situation occurs during the matches yet the relationship is healthy.


They often show a gesture of appreciation as well as send a token of love off the field.



On the field, they maintain their best sportsmanship spirit. It is very rare seeing the two sides getting along well yet the peaceful initiations from players awaken a hope of human values despite the circumstances. Our players not only win matches but also know to win hearts.

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