That night, Sadhu Gurjot said in the game “you are called to the Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s room”. I thought there is something important. I followed as I was told since he was a Babaji who was worshipped. They then told me to sit on one side of the bed. I was hesitant in the beginning since this was not something Baba had done in the past and that too at night.

That was the night I wish never happened. Fear in my mind and had strange fears in me which I never faced before in my life. When I turned my eyes towards the TV there was blue films being played to which I turned my eyes away from it. Then Baba smirked at me throwing his revolver on the bed. I was scared that night as something I never wished for was going to happen. He then started his acts. I tried to shout on which he kept pressed my mouth and showing the revolver he threatened to kill me and my family. The night was finally wrapped up and Rahim was successful in raping me, then there were many times.

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