When, every single day, we hear news of yet another woman falling prey to sexual violence, it is easy to lose hope. The fact that so many of these incidents occur in broad daylight and that people are quick to dismiss and even shame the victims, makes us lose faith in humanity. It is easy to think that people don’t look out for each other, that you are on your own, even when you are in dire need of help. It is easy to think that men are always a threat.


But, they are not. There are men who don’t rape. There men who respect women and look out for them. A group of such young men in Delhi saved a 20-something woman in Delhi who had been abducted by three men. The bikers were hanging out at a dhaba when they heard a woman scream for help from inside a Hyundai Accent that zoomed past them. They quickly hopped on to their bikes and chased the car until they were able to corner it and rescue the woman.

“The woman was in a state of shock and semi-conscious when we rescued her,” Aman Goyal, one of the young men who rescued the woman.

She told the police that she knew one of the abductors. A resident of Mangolpuri, she met him while working as a maid in Rohini. He approached her when she was returning home from work and offered her a lift. She found out later that there were two more men in the car after boarding it. Soon they started touching her inappropriately. They even tore off her clothes and when she shouted, they rolled up the windows of the vehicle.

The men were also dragged out of the vehicle. Two of them have been arrested, but one man escaped. The two abductors who have been taken under arrest were initially taken to Begampur police station. However, the case was transferred to Mangolpuri as the abduction had taken place there.

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