While humanity is losing it’s way into the darkness, there still exists hope. One of the reasons we believe in hope is because of people like Asgar Pash. This 30 year old auto driver, from Yeshwanthapura, saved a 19 year girl from being gang raped.


It was on early hours of Friday, that three drunk men tried to gang rape the girl. The incident took place at the hectic and lively Yeshwanthapura railway station junction. While the other passerby were immersed in their activities and chose to ignore the girl being pulled by the accused, this auto driver did not remain silently ignorant.

Keeping his presence of mind, the auto driver risked his life and chased behind to save the girl from the accused.

Pasha knew his odds and called three of his friends to help him find the victim. The police control room was also called and given a emergency request to find the troubled victim.

Pasha said in an interview that he knew the three accused men.The auto driver was ashamed by their act. He noticed them beating the victim’s cousin and abducting the girl from the railway. He chose to raise his voice despite the fact he knew the people. It was life threatening situation, yet it did not keep him away from doing the right thing.

Fayaz, 30 year old from BK Nagar is one of the accused. He has previously offended female passengers in auto and also been a serial offender. The other accused men are 25 year Zuber Khan and 20 year old Sultan.

Pasha tried looking for the victim with his friends but couldn’t find. Following his call to control room. The Police took no time to take action tracked the girl 200 meters away from the railway station.

The girl was to be sexually assaulted by Fayaz who further planned to call his friends. He was arrested at the incident and the girl was rescued.

The victim had just come to Huskur to meet relatives prior the incident. The auto drive choice to speak out prevented a much horrifying act from occurring.

Pasha was rewarded Rs. 5,000 for his act of bravery by the City Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar.

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