Generally we tend to feel happy being pampered by our hairdresser and get carried away with the practises they follow. One the bizarre story that opens our eye is that of David Tyler.

The dad of two did a hair cut and wash six years ago in a well known salon of England. Three days after the session, David lost his sensation on the right side of his body. On the way to his meeting he collapsed and everything changed ever since.

Six years later too, he has been under the affect of the stroke that happened. Driving a car is far from possible to him now and it is perhaps an obstacle to balance his body.

The “Beauty Salon Stroke Syndrome” is responsible for his present condition.

He was taken away in the ambulance knowing he got a stroke on the way to hospital. The hair wash turned fatal for him. When he bent his head it cut his veins and caused him stroke in turn.

Beauty parlors are careless enough even today without giving prior care to avoid the accident from occurring. David took the salon to court and recoveredĀ $113,000 for the damage that he had gone through.

David made it through the headlines in England and shared the message across as people are still unaware of the Beauty Salon stroke Syndrome that became famous in 1993.

Today various studies are being made on the same and it is advised for elderly people not to bend more thanĀ 15 degrees to wash their hair.

Even a small neglect could land them into life threatening situation. Furthermore creating a life long impact. It is advisable to always check for a cushion or soft surface before washing hair bending your head.

David wasn’t the only victim but we can try to create and awareness. Helping many more from facing the same fate.

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