India, the land of many cultures and traditions. Different people, different mindset, different opinions. We fight in public, people will never get offended but what happens when you are intimate to your partner or may be being close to him or her, people will get offended and they come up with advice.

Something similar happened to this couple in Kolkata Metro. A couple was harassed in the metro and pushed out the metro for a very weird reason.  The man and the woman were standing too close and seemed to hug each other, which is not at all accepted in a Indian society.

The incident took place at around 10 pm inside a coach on Monday. The man and the woman were hugging each other when some fellow passengers noticed this for a while, they raised objections for their public display of affection.

The image sources suggest that the woman seemed to protect the man as he was punched, kicked and thrashed by the mob, with her arms around the man. The whole incident happened at Dum Dum metro in Kolkata. The mob have the men who were middle aged and elderly aged.

As the incident came to notice by the other passengers from other coach, they came in to rescue of the couple. The pictures of the incident came into light and since then were widely shared in the social media. The officials said that they were searching for a footage to see what exactly was happened and why didn’t the metro police didn’t intervene.

An eye witness Ujjal Chakraborthy said that the couple was harassed and asked questions constantly for hugging each in the public, as per a report. From “Why aren’t you going to a pub or a Park Street”? to “Why don’t you get a room”? – a range of questions was hurled to the couple who were being harassed.

Later on, Tuesday some of the local stages have protested outside the Dum Dum metro showing some placards for freedom. The couple were unnoticed and details were not known. No complaint was filed yet.


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