People are always busy to schedule their bank related works and sometimes they disappoint themselves because of bank holidays. There are 4 continuous days and 3 more continuous days also this month on which all the banks will be closed so plan your work accordingly.


Banks are pulling down their shutters for 4 continuous days on the dates and occasions

  1. 12th August 2017 because of the second Saturday.
  2. 13th August 2017 because of the Sunday.
  3. 14th August 2017, on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.
  4. 15th August 2017, on the occasion of Independence Day.


There are 3 more continuous days on which all the banks will be closed this month-


  1. 25th August 2017 on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
  2. 26th August 2017 because of fourth Saturday.
  3. 27th August 2017 because of Sunday.

So there are 7 days of bank holidays and you need to schedule your bank works according to the dates. And this news is good for the people who work in banks.

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