Here we are flaring election agendas and throwing promises of better India. Yet, how shallow are the people in this fickle minded country would be proven with the following incident.

A girl completely meant to “safe” at home was peeped on by pervert while she was cleaning the bathroom. The incident took place in Bangalore, while she noticed footsteps around the window and saw two pairs of eyes in gaps between the window. It was post-midnight and she was thankfully just cleaning. Imagine a circumstance of finding someone while you are naked in the bathroom. It creeps the shiver out of oneself to just think that you are unsafe even at your home. Among the family, among the four walls of a place you call home, happens to be also the place that shudders your nerves.

She was not frightened of going her way out and telling her family about the same. The accused didn’t agree to his crimes while asked on by the neighbors and instead had the nerve to say the girl is LYING.

Can we really stop blaming the victims? This scenario is way more common than milk spilling of my stove in our country. Headlines of rape will never stop coming if people like this are let loose.

The brave girl didn’t back out, she stuck upon her statement and made sure the cops came. The accused happens to be her neighbor and after interrogation, he accepted to his deeds.

What follows later is scarier than what has happened. He must grudge upon the girl for exposing his crimes. We aren’t capable of protecting her.  She is left by herself to fight the devil of the society. Every time she is alone, she would fear his revenge.

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The incident took place while the lady was busy with her household chores

She saw the eyes and immediately reacted.

Unlike many of the victims, she didn’t say silent. Asking family’s help came first to her.

And the accused says- She is lying. We can’t lose any more respect for him

40 minutes of public interrogation couldn’t do what 20 minutes of police did.

Is it the end of the story ?

No, she is scared and we are doing nothing about the future.

Denied of safety at her own house.

Yes, we are going to remember you. And discuss you because we dont want any more of the women being in the place of you.

Agreed, proud and supportive always. We need to speak against losers.

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This day, this time, this moment, we can stop creating victims. Spread this message across and let men know, women aren’t weak and nor are they going to be silent. Speak out and speak bravely, we support you and don’t let any losers have their way.

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