As per the latest data from National Crime Records Bureau, the crime rate against women rose from 41.7% to 53.9%, between 2011 and 2015. Up to 3,27,394 cases were reported, including 34,651 cases of rape, 4,437 cases of attempted rape, 59,277 kidnapping and abductions, 7,634 dowry deaths, and a whopping 1,13,403 cases of domestic cruelty, among others. Unfortunately, ‘reported’ is the key word here, given that a majority of crimes against women remains unregistered, even in 2017. Therefore, as upsetting as these numbers may seem, they barely paint the whole picture.

Every news report following a rape or sexual assault usually begins or ends with these statistics, often presented attractively through graphs, charts, illustrations, and even the occasional meme. Whatever the format, the information is neither new nor surprising. And yet our collective sense of outrage seems to be ignited only after a fresh incident hits the headlines. By then, though, whatever we do ends up being too little, too late. But what can the law enforcing authorities do to stop the crime if the criminal belongs to the same home as the victim?

A shameful incident has taken place in a village in Batala sub-division, which is a part of Punjab’s Gurdaspur district. The shocking and disgusting incident will make us believe that humanity is close to its end in the present world. On Friday, a 70 years old lady registered a complaint against her son, alleging that he has been raping her for the last two years. She added that he committed the heinous crime under the influence of alcohol.

As per officers, the woman has told that she is the mother of three daughters and four sons. She lives with her bachelor son as all other married children are staying at separate homes. She remained silent for so long as she was afraid of the disrespect that the family would get if this shameful news became public. However, on Friday, she couldn’t keep it to herself and talked about it with one of her daughters and her family took the decision to approach police for justice.

The accused, who is absconding as of now, has been booked under a case of rape by the police.

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