Baahubali was a mystical movie that roped into different levels of success. Every small detail was taken care with the greatest passion. Leading to a visually impacting and relishing movie. For decades together we would be hunching to watch Baahubali.

The movie has made a widespread uproar and has been commercially successful. Every actor, who worked for Baahubali have had their best in it. Prabhas specifically playing the role of Baahubali and Shiva had to transform his physique. He has lost 10 kgs further for is an upcoming movie. After reaching overseas media, there is an immense pressure on Prabhas.

On the forefront of success, Prabhas did not achieve it without efforts. He has been a dedicated actor and managed to find his way through the role of Baahubali.

Prabhas worked on his physical form to transform into a gallant man of the historic period. Prabhas weighed 120 kg in Baahubali and for the second installment, Baahubali 2, Prabhas weighed 150 kgs. The valiant Prabhas weighed 82 kgs prior to Baahubali. For four years he has been following a strict regime of working out for six hours. He has also not only observed and learned from WWF wrestlers but also delivered transformation for different roles.

Prabhas next project is also with S. S. Rajamouli. The duo is teaming for the next movie  ‘Saaho’. Prabhas is believed to be in midst of another ambitious project of  Rajamouli. Allegedly it is said that, Prabhas is said to learn Hindi. Learning a new language is probably an obstacle yet nothing would be surprising for Prabhas.

Prabhas has successfully pulled off the bravest character in the smoothest manner.

During Baahubali he had a personal gym built for himself. Shredding 10 kgs and bringing his weight back to 87-88 kgs is exhausting. Yet the actor is paving his way to be dedicated to his upcoming character. Prabhas is inspiring in the humblest way.

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