Messing with Malayali’s is like messing with fire. Republic TV’s co-founder got into a brawl with malayalis from the vibrant state of Kerala that has resulted in withdrawing the Republic TV App from Google Playstore.

Malayalis all together mass protested the app by giving it bad reviews and ratings. As the ratings have drastically reduced, it started affecting its revenue. If the rating of the app is reduced, it will directly reflect on the channel’s revenue from advertisements.

Republic channel’s Facebook page rating has fallen sharply too. And it resulted in removing the rating button on Republic TV’s Facebook page.

In the last few days, Malayalis took the effort on avenging over the Republic TV’s attempt for giving large media support to the Sangh Parivar’s agenda to portray Kerala as a terror state.


People identified that Republic TV would be worst affected if the App is distorted, the people have taken it as their duty. They started giving the lowest rating on play store also. The Republic TV App has been withdrawn from the Google Play Store after the App has been dashed down in the Play Store with a low rating and negative reviews.

As this issue had gone viral, another app named, the “News Republic” is also affected by negative reviews, which do not have any connection with Arnab’s Republic TV.

Do not play with fire- MALAYALIS.

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  1. to kya ukhad liye arnab ka?
    wo paise k liye chalta republic tv to aisa sb bolta hi nahi…
    aur jo sahi hoga wo to arnab bolega hi… tum mese kisi ki aukat nahi jo use rok le… tum jise pata nhi kitne kide makodo ko usne aise hi khel liya h
    and you suckers malayalayalaias… bas itne me hu rah jaoge… tumko to 1947 me hu alag hi lena tha India se… par han kya karo tumhari itni aukat bhi to nahi h ki apana pet bhar pao..
    just bark on northies… just bark about lands.. just bark about languages…. just bark about separate flag and your own nation…
    but dogs, you can’t do nothing… just nothing.. 🙂
    ukhad lena Jiski jo aukat ho

    • Madar chod bhosdike aukat ki baat mat kar jhatuu kutte ke pille.
      Arnab cowswami ke najayaz paedayish
      Bhosdike apne aap ko north Indian bolta hai aur vobhi dhangg se nhi likha tune chuttad pe bacchi tatti saale bonduu.
      Abbey arnab ke naam pe bkwass cchodd raha hai mc randii ke chele.
      Phle Indian bann fir north south karna.
      Teri aukat tune dikha di ek padhe likhe chutiye ko support karke .
      Phle tameez seekh chutmaani kutreya.
      Ja bhonk arnab ke tatte chuus .
      BC desh mei internal riots karwa raha h voh jhaatu aur tum jaise chhakke north south karke maa chuda rahe hoh ghar pe.
      Bhag bhosdiwaale.

  2. Arnob ‘ s s money funding also should be investigated, the nature of investment in such a short period, and his earth level support for sanghparivars and Modi s and Jewish type opposing minorities and dalits all altogether , a menace to the great India s secular media world. A radicalised and fully biased news channel India ever seen.


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