Perhaps Iphone had been dominating marketing since it’s very first release back in 2007. Ten years after the release, Apple has recognized itself as a premium brand. The new Iphone may cost up to a ludicrous price of Rupees 1 lakh as suggested.

Iphone 8 is most anticipated device launch of this year with hyped up features releasing along with it. The Apple’s Iphone 8 is ditching the bezels and includes clarified scan unlock, improvised cameras and wireless charging, an haven for users suffering from breakage of wires.

Iphone 8 comes as sleek as we expect but with unexpected pricing.

In US, Iphone’s were priced at $650 in the past. But the new product defines itself as an elite smartphone and would cost $1,200. That would be over one lakh rupees in flagship purchase in India.

As heartbreaking the prices sound, the launch marks a good news for all smartphone users. It may be an elite device and affordable for some through EMI’s thats been popular among us for while now.

Here is how the next Iphone 8 will be beneficial

Running through the timeline of smartphones, you would realize how Apple played a pioneering role in modernizing today’s technology.

Ten years back, Steve Jobs told his team the world would never be the same after the Iphone launch. It made features like touchscreen back then which were scientific fantasy. The competent market serves the feature hungry customers with top notch and latest devices.

Iphone 7 plus made the prospective of dual cameras popular among android and other smartphones.Live photos and 3D touch were lesser known features.Now, android companies are rushing to provide similar features at prices ranging from Rs.20,000.

Even though we wouldn’t buy the new Iphone 8, surely it brings the bangs of features that we look forward to have in other devices. It is innovation that Apple serves which keeps technology growing and smartphones upgrading. In the end, we are benefitted despite the unlikeliness of pricing.

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