The Blue Whale App has been creating a lot of negative buzz and publicity. The app has had an impact in the Indian sub-continent as well. Recent statistics reveal that more than 6 individuals in the age group 13-19 have committed suicide at the end of 50 days. Blue Whale targets young individuals who are emotionally unstable. It provides a series of tasks to perform over a period of 50 days. Although it sounds like a game, these tasks are extreme and trick the user into performing them. The final task leads the individual to suicide. The world has witnessed the dark side of a digital world.

As teens around the world are falling prey to such a devious app, a youngster from Pakistan has decided to change this. Waseem Gul, 18 years from Pakistan has developed an app that is similar to Blue Whale but its intention is to make the user feel better. The app focuses on making a person lead a better and more positive life prior to experiencing the app. This app too provides 50 tasks over 50 days to the user. Here are a few tasks that the user is put forth with to complete.


1st Day: Perform 10 push-ups

2nd Day: Slice a fresh onion and try not to cry

3rd Day: Eat a donut but do not lick your fingers.

4th Day: Help your parents with household chores.5th

5th Day: Help someone even if you’re not interested.

These are some of the tasks provided and it is creating a buzz around the world. It is assuring to see a young adult trying to create a better place to live. At the end of 50 days, the app has something to offer to the user. It congratulates the user and tags him/her as a smart Blue Whale. It also spreads awareness about the kind of apps that are available to demoralize youngsters and urges them to live their life to the fullest.

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