The brutal incident took place 230 km away from Lahore district, Pakistan. 19-year-old Saira had a relationship with a man in her locality. This was considered as a disgrace to the family.

In the presence of the mother, Irfan, Saira’s stepbrother took in their hands to kill the sister. Considering it would bring honor to their family.

Saira went to sleep while her brother took an axe and attempted to kill her at Christian Wala in Sahiwal district. The axe led to a major injury. She was taken to District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Sahiwal. Where she passed away after fighting for her life.

Truth Hidden

As reported by Station House Officer Rana Tahir, accused is on the run. The death was not reported to the authorities and while carrying the body back to the village, police had intercepted the ambulance. Irfan had escaped from the ambulance.

Upon postmortem at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, the authorities found the cause of death. The neighbors kept it hidden as well as the family until police intervened. The mother of the dead girl is kept in custody.  As the accused committed the crime in presence of the mother.

Raids are being made to catch Irfan but the most saddening fact of the murder is,  it is considered as an honor killing.

This type of killing is popular in Pakistan. The lives of women aren’t of any value when it comes to honoring the family.

Thousands of women face the end in most cruel manner. Whereas they are to be respected and given equal opportunity as men to prosper. The family’s reputation is often on the head’s of women who have to maintain the reputation.

We hope the culprit faces punishment and Saira gets justice for her unfair death. Honor killing is shameful and shouldn’t be supported by anyone.

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