There are stories that remind us that we should never give up on our dreams. There are stories that prove that if our willpower is strong, then no matter how bumpy the road is, the heart can always achieve what it desires. One such encouraging story is of Anny Divya, world’s youngest woman commander to fly Boeing 777. Born in Pathankot, Anny wanted to become a pilot ever since she was a child. However, her journey towards attaining that goal wasn’t easy. In a conversation with HT, Captain Anny Divya, who is currently based in Mumbai, reveals how she battled her way to achieve success.


Captain Anny Divya is one of those few who never lost their heart and courage and doesn’t stop until the eventual goal is achieved. And now she has become the youngest woman commander of the world to fly a Boeing 777airplanee at the age of 30.

She also told that the fees for the pilot courses used to be very high when she was interested in pursuing the course and considering the fact that she belonged to a middle-class family, it was commendable on the part of her parents to have faith in their daughter’s dreams and spend money on her education.

Her father was an Army officer who has now retired. Grateful for her achievements, Captain Divya says she owes everything to her parents. “I am thankful to my parents and teachers for what I am today,” she said.

Advice for upcoming woman pilots:

Your parents are your biggest support, so trust them to keep you grounded. And last but not the least –there’s no substitute for hard work.


As a kid, every time you wanted to be something other than popular public belief, you were shut because that’s not okay and acceptable. A lot of doctors and engineers wanted to be painters and musicians, but they aren’t.

There are a few people who refuse to give up and give in.

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