Amazon is in trouble. Amazon Canada is reportedly selling an Indian map that differs from the Indian government’s official one. The map shows the Indian territory with the exception of disputed areas occupied by Pakistan and China. The distorted Indians tweeted, seeking immediate removal of the product from the e-commerce site.

Amazon has invited many controversies in the past too. Remember how it’s American website had put doormats with Indian Gods printed on it on sale? Indians had slammed Amazon for insulting Gods and some had even threatened to take action. Even Sushma Swaraj has lashed out at Amazon and asked them to apologize.

We all know that the relations between India and China are not that good at the moment and tensions are growing between both the nations. Well, it is selling Indian maps with half Kashmir gone. Kashmir has been a disputed part and there have been many controversies between India and Pakistan for the same.

Have a look at this watercolor map canvas art print.

This is what the product looked like:

And this is what the original map of India looks like:

And this is how Twitterati reacted:

Amazon in trouble again!

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