Addiction to alcohol may be harmful to human health and is considered sin in Hinduism, but there is a god to whom Hindu devotees themselves offer liquor. The Kal Bhairav temple is a Hindu temple located in the Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is dedicated to Kal Bhairav, the guardian deity of the city. Located on the banks of the Shipra River, it is one of the most active temples in the city, visited by hundreds of devotees daily. Liquor is one of the offerings made to the temple deity.

The temple of Lord Kal Bhairav is located away from the city center and requires a dedicated means of transportation to visit. The temple is very popular among the devotees and the tourists alike, because of which it is usually crowded. For entering the temple complex, there is a stone gateway with a ‘Nagar khana’ built in the medieval Maratha architectural style. There is huge lamp post on entering the temple complex, the type used for lighting clay oil lamps and the type which is typically found in temples all over Maharashtra.



It is also the only Prasad given to the devotees. Liquor is poured into the mouth of the deity. Devotees throng to this temple bearing bottles of wine as an offering. Liquor is available 365 days a year outside the temple. The temple is said to have been built by the Marathas. In this temple of Shri Kaal Bhairav in Ujjain city, Bhairava Gods are worshipped. The worship of the eight Bhairavas is a part of Shaivite tradition worship and the chief among them is Kaal Bhairava.

But, the mystery of how this stone statue is able to drink the alcohol has always baffled Indians who have visited this place. So far no scientific explanation could have been given keeping the riddle unsolved.

The city of Ujjain has been a prominent center of these two cults/sects.

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