North Korea is considered the most mysterious country on this planet. But to go North Korea, a Bangalore-based student somehow managed to book a cab. Ola Cab for the round trip, calculated that it is worth Rs 1.4 lakh. On Saturday night, 21-year-old Prashant Shahi booked an Ola cab from Bangalore to Pyongan, North Korea just for the sake of fun. The student wanted to see that is it possible or not.

Prashant told NDTV ( Indian news Agency) : “North Korea has always been trending in news. Before opening the Ola app, on Google Map I saw a road between the map of North Korea and South Korea. I saw that there was a cab booking option to go there. I was quite surprised to see that. So i gave it a shot.”

In the screenshots it can be seen that the cab company confirmed the ride and also sent driver details. For a 5-day road trip, a charge of Rs 1,49,088 was kept. It also stated that it is the cheapest price.

Rohit was very eager to know that was it really true that just happened with him. So to confirm, he took the matter to Twitter where he tweeted, “How is this possible @Olacabs a trip to North Korea? Please check your systems.#Ola” along with the screenshot.

To which Ola cabs replied,”This seems to be a technical glitch. Please restart the phone and try again.”

God knows what was that.

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