The night of 26/11 torments us even after 9 years. We had been prey to a terrorist attack and lost 164 souls due to the incidence. The attacks occurred at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. Mumbai saw the ugliest times of all withholding hostages in Taj and open killing on the platform.

How Safe Has Mumbai Become Since 26/11 Attacks

Perhaps we are safe, yet we cannot deny the fact that we are vulnerable. The attack of 26/11 commenced through the sea and coastal security has made changes to keep tight security. To lash out the entrance or foil by the terrorist, the government has conducted security audits of 227 non-major seaports.

ISRO satellites are being watched closely to this day to avoid the occurrence of the same through waterways. But the security is not implemented in a proper manner.  Projects to build a better and safer system for the people are poorly integrated.

9 years has resulted in the advancement of technology as well as a lot of time to have achieved the objectives set after the attack. Railways are poorly maintained and August 2017 alone it was found that Mumbai had 11 stations where unauthorized entry and exit took place.

Amassing the vulnerability of our country, we have slow heading projects that do not meet the target nor reach a point of conclusion. Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) has been one of the projects having no cut in budgetary allocations in financial years 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Further, the negligence is lethargic. We mourn the loss we faced 9 years back and the bullets of terror need to be turned back.

Tracing back our lives to safety and being precautious as a responsible state is what we look forward to.

On this marked day, The Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis pays his tribute to lost souls as well man known figures let their train of feelings out.

To every survivor out there, we give our respect and to the ones departed we give our prayers.



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