Did public apathy and inconsiderateness towards fellow beings have cost a Kerala woman her life? In an alarming incident that reeks of apathy, a pregnant woman from Kottayam district died on Wednesday after falling from a moving bus last Friday. A pregnant woman, who was forced to remain standing in a moving bus, fell and died without being able to see her newborn.

34-year-old Nadisha, a native of Erattupetta, was returning home from the Akshaya centre on Friday. Eight months into her pregnancy, Nadisha boarded a private bus named ‘Vazhayil’ that would take her home.

All the seats on the bus were occupied, forcing Nadisha to travel standing in the front of the bus by the door. Minutes later, as the bus took a turn, Nadisha lost her balance and fell off the bus. At the time of the accident, the main door of the bus was left open, said police.

“It all happened in a matter of seconds. Once the bus came to a halt, I found her lying in a pool of blood on her back,” her older sister was quoted as saying by leading daily.”

She suffered serious injuries to her head and was put on a ventilator. She has two more children — Hana Fatima & Haya Fatima. The driver of the bus, Yadu Krishnan, 29, a Poonjar native, has been booked for unintentional homicide. Seats are reserved for pregnant women in private KSRTC buses. The Kerala Motor Vehicles Act was amended to set aside a seat for a pregnant woman on the orders of the human rights commission.

“What will I tell my children, Had the door been properly closed my wife would not have lost her life. If one person had the heart to give her a seat in the crowded bus, she would have been alive and well today.” a broken Thaha was quoted saying.

In Nadisha’s case, which parties are to be blamed? Passengers who did not offer her seat, the open door of the bus in motion, or the driver’s rash driving?

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