Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli remains in the media spotlight, and sometimes he is equally active in the social media about his hairstyle. Now Virat is in the news again.

As everyone knows that on one side Virat Kohli has a huge fan following due to cricket and on the other side Deepika is a Bollywood star of today, there are no two opinions, whether everyone wants to work with Deepika on even a small roll. But Captain Virat Kohli refused to shoot an Ad film with this famous Bollywood actress.

Kohli’s denial will lead to loss of Rs.11 crore to RCB

In the recent past, social media platform Instagram has chosen Virat and Deepika as the most polpular celebrities. In such a situation, if both of these celebrities come together in a brand’s advertisement, then they can prove to be the best. Both stars had the opportunity to work together during IPL 11, but Virat Kohli refused to advertise with Deepika. Due to Virat’s refusal, Royal Challenger Bangalore will have to suffer a loss of Rs 11 crore.

Virat hassles due to being with Deepika in advertisement

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team had a deal worth Rs 11 crore from the travel company for an advertisement. According to the media reports, Virat had no problem with this deal, but as soon as Virat came to know that he has to shoot with Travel company’s Brand Ambassador Deepika Padukone, Virat started having trouble and he refused to shoot this advertisement.

Virat has to be a part of all RCB advertisements

According to the rules of franchise, Virat Kohli has to be a part of all RCB ads. This contract is between the company and the IPL team. It does not make sense between the player and the company. Virat has no objection to do advertisement of Travel Company for RCB, but he has objection to share screen with Deepika. Although neither the Virat has given any reason for not doing this advertisement nor has RCB said anything about it.

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