In Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur, a sensational case of murder has come up with a four-year-old innocent girl. On the basis of the local people’s statement, the accused was later arrested by the police. On Thursday, the girl’s body was recovered from a well about one and a half kilometers away from the village.

The incident is from Tikarkala village in Gorela, Bilaspur. According to the police, they received the complaint that the girl was missing since March 11. Gorela’s SDOP Abhishek Singh said that Sanjana, 4-year-old daughter of Sher Singh Bhaina, a resident of Tikarkala village, disappeared at around 2 pm on March 11.

The family searched for her, but when the baby was not found anywhere, they filed a report that the girl was missing. Four days later, the body of the girl was recovered from the well located in Anil Agarwal’s plot in Nilgiri, 1.5 km away from the village.

After the girl’s post-mortem was done, it was discovered that her death was due to knee injury. There are also injury marks on the child’s genitalia. Police questioned the local people and some people said that they had seen the girl on the back of 23-year-old youth on march 11, who was staying in the village.

When the police started questioning Sahipat in custody, he refused the crime. But when the police took to strictness, he confessed his crime. The accused told that he had lured the baby by giving greed to feed sweet and went away with her.

Taking her there, he tried to rape the girl, but when the child started crying loudly and tried to escape him, he wounded the child’s genitalia and threw the baby in the well.

Surprisingly, it has been that Sahipat had done the same thing before. In 2015, he raped and murdered a 8-year-old girl from the village. But in that case he was missed due to lack of evidence.

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