The RBI has announced that it will be releasing the Rs.200 note from tomorrow. This move is seen as a deterrent to the undying demand for physical currency since demonetization.

Here are five things you must know about the new Rs.200 note:

1. The New Notes Will Not Be Available In ATMs:

Citizens cannot walk up to an ATM and withdraw the new currency. These notes will be distributed in banks and circulated throughout the nation accordingly. This may be perplexing to some people but the re-calibration of the ATMs to accommodate these new notes is a tedious task. This will cause discomfort to the RBI and the citizens.

2. Advanced Security Features To Avoid Counterfeits:

The RBI is taking its time to print the new notes to avoid any possibility of counterfeiting the notes. The security thread has the words “Bharat” and “RBI’ inscribed. This thread changes its color from green to blue when exposed to light. The numerical “200” too is in a color changing ink.

3. The Note Will Have A Yellow Background:

The Rs.200 note is a completely new denomination in the history of RBI. Hence, the RBI has recognized the need of a new color to distinguish it from other notes. It will sport a bright yellow background. It has the dimensions of 66mm x 146mm.

4. This Currency Can Easily Be Identified By The Visually Impaired:

The new currency sports the face of Mahatma Gandhi and also the Ashoka Pillar. Both of these will have a raised or an embossed printing that can help the visually impaired identify the currency by the feel of it.

5. The Currency Is Theme Based As Per Policy:

The government prefers that each new note must have a center theme in order to promote the cultural heritage of the country. The note sports the Sanchi-Stupa monument built by Ashoka where Buddhist monks meditate. It will also sport the logo of clean India or “Swachh Bharat”.


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