Baahubali‘- the name seems likes an organization in itself. ‘Baahubali’ is one of the highest grossing Indian films ever.  It is regarded as a movie with the right dosage of action, love, and drama. And its sequel, Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion went on to demolish all records as it monetized Rs 1,700 crore in just 100 days worldwide. SS Rajamouli’s  ‘Baahubali 2′ has been translated into three different languages ( Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi) and each one has just reached another level.

However, the bombastic and impressive Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion was not perfect. While there is the margin of error granted everywhere, but the number of errors in Baahubali 2 was no less than the movie itself. It’s not claimed by us. It’s been claimed by a You Tuber, who has dappled more than 450 mistakes in the movie.

Let us disclose you with few of the mistakes, which actually furnished food for some thoughts.

In the image below, Sivagami is seen walking on feet for quite long, as she is carrying a bowl of fire on her head. But surprisingly, she doesn’t sweat at all!
More Than 450 Mistakes In The Movie Baahubali 2 Was Pointed Out By A Youtuber!
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We all remember the epic scene, where Baahubali conquer a mad elephant?
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Agreed, the scene artlessly held our attention, which is essentially why we forgot to notice that Baahubali was already inside preparing the cart, while he was locked from outside. Has anyone wondered how he went there and who locked him in?

Next comes this scene, when Sivagami hurts her feet badly while she walked shoelessly.

This scene shows when Baahubali bent on Sivagami’s hurt feet when she was asleep. But where’s the wound? There is definitely no show of any outer wound in this scene.

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In another scene, Devsena is seen enhancing the idol of Lord Krishna with a garland. However, the garland simply astonishes in the very next shot!
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Lastly, anyone who has watched this movie knows how courageously Kumar Verma fought against the intruders to protect the women.

However, when an interloper hits Kumar Verma with a sword, slashing his chest, neither his dress tears nor blood comes out. But, in the very next scene, he is shown to have been flooded with blood.

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Apart from the mistakes mentioned above, there were many more mistakes found which can be seen in the below video

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