Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Sep 1, A 21-year-old girl jumped off a running train to escape from molesters. Reportedly, the victim, along with her friends, boarded the train from Chennai to reach Vijayawada, their native place. The girl threw herself off from the running train at Singarayakonda station to escape from molesters. Meanwhile, the victim sustained injuries and is undergoing treatment. The railway police have nabbed three culprits in this regard.

She braved a fight against the three evil men alone, while no passenger intervened. No one came to help her. To escape from her terrible fate, (had she kept fighting alone) she decided to jump off near Singarayakonda station. After she jumped, her friends pulled the chain and she was taken to the nearest hospital immediately. The girl has survived severe injuries and according to a report, she is still recovering and fighting. The Railway Police sprung into action in no time after hearing the news and nabbed the three molesters in the train itself. They were handed to the Vijayawada police very soon.

Only if the co-passengers would have united to help the girl fight against those 3 evil men, she would not have to go through the pain and suffering she is in right now.

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