History repeated in the town and once again a 16-year-old girl sacrificed her dream for INR 65 Lakhs which she was not aware of. An aged man from Oman paid the said amount to get married to this teenager female.

The parents of the victim have contacted the Police claiming that the girl was fraudulently married to this old Omani citizen. They have also contacted the city’s commissioner appealing the help to get the victim teen back from Muscat, where she is presently staying.

Girl’s mother, Unnisa in her complaint also notified that her sister-in-law, named Ghousia and her husband, Sikander falsify the required documents with the help of Qazi and the Omani citizen paid Rs. 5 Lakhs to the couple for arranging and performing the marriage, which can be said a betrayal. This marriage was reported to be performed at the hotel in Barkas area of town little prior of Ramzan. Unnisa also mentioned in her complaint that they did not have even any inkling of this affair and huge fraud occurred with them. Their innocent girl had to pay off against the trust-worthy of her uncle and aunt.

It is being observed that the town has a close association with Arab Citizens and having the history of such incidences. It’s a kind of business where Arabs visit Hyderabad for performing Nikah to virgin girls for a price starting from Rs. 10,000 to many Lakhs. The Maulvis also charge the amount from thousands to Lakhs to perform the rituals of Nikah Halala. It’s a Muslim ritual if a woman wanted to remarry her ex-husband, then she has to marry a different man, sleep with him and then get the divorce to marry again to her ex-husband.

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