November 17, Uttar Pradesh saw one of the cruelest treatment by an inspector. A 14-year-old boy was taken into custody for the accusation of stealing a phone.

The boy in police custody had to suffer from assaults by the sub-inspector. The incident took place at the local station of Etawah district. 

Brutally Assaulted Against Police Manual

The video footage shows the harsh treatment given to the minor by the inspector. Further adding to the list of irresponsibility the investigation led by the Superintendent of the District hasn’t led to any the results.

According to police manual, a minor is accompanied by comfortable treatment and not the one that UP inspector has shown. Reports state that even after 24 hours there hasn’t been any action.

A small boy cannot be unjustly overpowered by officers. Suspension of the officer would be the first step, yet it is taking longer than expectations. The delay seems like adding further doubts on our judiciary system.

Shocking and extremely disturbing, how the minor gets hits from the officer being inside Police Station.

Violently the Police dealt with the boy, yet aren’t ready to taking responsibility. Creating a mayhem for the young boy whereas the police should be kind.

We want the young boy to get justice and the officer to realize his offence.

Watch the Video here :

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