A 13-year-old girl committed suicide on Monday after her teacher allegedly humiliated her in front of the whole class for staining her clothes with period blood. The student of seventh grade killed herself by jumping off a 25-foot-high building in her hometown in Tirunelvelli, which is about 600 kilometers from Chennai.

There had been just two months that Fazana Karim (13) attained puberty and quite naturally, she was not well-equipped with all the information regarding periods, like many other Indian girls. On the morning of 26th August, she stained her school uniform, as she suddenly got her periods during classes. She was a 7th standard student of Joseph Matriculation School in Palayamkottai’s Senthil Nagar and this was a very uncomfortable situation for her.

“Her friends pointed out that she had stained her uniform and so she asked her class teacher Ilakiya for help. The teacher did not even take into account that there were boys in the class. She asked my daughter to lift top of her salwar up and then gave her duster cloth to use as a pad.”

Describing the situation at school on that fateful day, Fazana’s mother said it was her friends who first saw the blood stains on her uniform, following which they asked the class teacher Ilakiya for help. The grief-stricken and raging mother then goes on to describe how the teacher had mocked her without even considering the presence of boys in the class.

The District Collector Sandeep Nanduri has confirmed that an investigation has been ordered in the case. “Right now we are hearing different versions. Only after the completion of the probe we would have clarity,” he said.

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