You Instagram all your meals, tweet every random thought that crosses your mind, and make all your relationships Facebook official. But no matter how much you share on social media, there are just some things you do that you won’t admit to that everyone still knows you do. But don’t worry, no one else is admitting to them either.

Here are just some of the embarrassing things every girl does but will never admit to:

  • Ugly cry when we are by ourselves and no one’s around.

  • Practice a speech or an important conversation or any dance step in front of the mirror.

  • We are obsessed with good smells. You will always find an exotic smelling, probably expensive bottle of perfume in our bags apart from that bottle of deodorant.
  • Wear the same outfit two days in a row if you know you won’t be meeting the same people again.

  • “Accidentally” text our crush and immediately text saying it was “meant for someone else”

  • Girls are obsessed over text emojis.

  • Stalk your crush, your ex, your BFF, strangers – basically anyone and everyone.

  • We have a mini grooming room hidden and tucked beautifully inside our bags.

  • We won’t easily admit, but most of us do suck at the technology stuff. Ask us to fix a small glitch in a computer and you will find a blank face.

  • Wearing the same bra for at least a week.

  • Self-Pleasuring

For some reason, guys seem to love talking about self-pleasuring and you can regularly hear the phrase like had a wank or jerked off which mostly applies to pleasuring themselves. There aren’t many words like these for a female because they actually don’t really talk about it that often. Girls probably even blush if someone asked them whether they do it or not. Of course, they do but it’s kind of privacy which they don’t really want to talk about openly.

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