In the same month , in the year 2016, Indian Prime Minister, Modi , have announced a surprize for every citizen of India. It was Demonitization. It is the only government mission which pulled everyone into action.

All 1000Rs notes and 500Rs notes were banned in order to eradicate blackmoney from the country.All new pink currencies came in to market as a new direction. As the country just celebrated its first anniversary of Demonitisation,

Here are some pictures that exposes the other side of the demonitization.

1.People wait for hours for their turn out ATMs

2.This farmer lost his spot in the line.

3. A lady lied unconscious with the redundant notes outside the bank after she waited for hours.

4.People stand for hours to deposit their money, that means nothing now.

5. He bursted out, when he found all his earing are useless.

6.The disappointment in her eyes after she found no cash ATMs everywhere.

7.Unconscious man lied outside ATM.

8.The street hawker and the Paytm.

9.The joy of New currency. Finally !

These are just some moments captured by camera. But there is lot more than this photos speak. These photos are shown because “Photos speak louder than words.”

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