Relationships are the most complicated things in our lives. They include fights, jealous, arguments, tears, disagreements and more. But, at the end of the day we all want them to be part of our life. Because being in a relationship with the person you love will be the most important and wonderful thing in the world. So here are some important things that any relationship should have. Check them out whether your relationship has it or not:

1 TRUST: – This is an essential ingredient of any relationship. When you don’t trust the one you are with, then that simply means your relationship is lifeless. Trust gives you a new view of any relationship, be it a long distance or any.

2 RESPECT: – Respecting the other person in a relationship is a form of showing love towards them. When you give respect you will also earn it. That gives positive energy in any relationship.When you don’t respect the other one you tend to hurt them easily.

 3 HONESTY: – Honesty and loyalty are major things in any relationship. When a relation is built by exposing the false side then it doesn’t go long. Relationships are beautiful when they are long lasting. When you are honest there are more chances to a happy relationship because of good understanding and you both know each other very well.

4 ACCEPTANCE: – Judging has no place in a relationship.   You can only love a person purely when you completely accept the other one with all the imperfections. Acceptance brings positive vibes in your relationship. And there comes a happy relation again because a bad relationship can easily give you a bad day.

 5 ROMANCE: – There are lots of people who mistake sex as romance. Romance and sex are two sides of the same coin. Romance chills up the mood, and later when you remember those cute romantic moments they bring a smile on your face. At last, that is what we expect in a relationship that it brings you joy rather than regrets.

6 HUMOR: – After a long boring and hectic work day you wish for some relaxing moment in your home. So that is when you need humor, romance can chill up the mood but humor can lighten your hard day. Tease your partner or share a joke or at least have a funny conversation with your love.

7 COMMUNICATION: – Just remember when there is no communication there is no relationship. Try to have conversation in every Mood and especially when you are angry and upset because a small gap can ruin your entire relationship.  And only talking and discussing can solve your problems. Silence is not always a solution.

8 SPACE: – Relationships become hard to handle when you are too much into others than it is required. Space is a vital thing for a healthy relationship. When you give them some space, the other person will tend to share anything with you, and it is scientifically proved. And this is also a way to show how much you trust them.

9 COMPLIMENTS: – Male or Female everyone like when they get some compliments and they love it, even more, when they get compliments from their loved ones. Not only compliments small gestures like saying them how much you love them small surprises to a dinner or asking them for a long walk or just giving them their favorite chocolates some random texts about them can give your partner a lot of positive vibes from your side.

10 PASSION FOR EACH OTHER: – Feelings and emotions in a relationship should be balanced from the both sides. You can only travel together when you have passion and same zeal towards each other. When one of you goes higher in those emotions you get hurt because you automatically develop false expectations. So a relationship grows strong only when you have same feelings for each other.

So these are some important things in a relationship whether you are married or you are in a live-in relationship or in love. Everyone can love but being loved is a special thing. You never want to lose the person you love but some silly mistakes bring unexpected distances between. So make sure your relationship has all the important ingredients. Loving a person is easy but staying in love and proving your love is the most difficult part.

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