With over a population of 1.3 billion people, India has some remarkable feats the world can be jealous of. Still a largely developing nation, India has surpassed many developed nations in certain areas. From development in solar energy to the teachings of ancient Yoga and Ayurveda, here are ten things that will make every Indian feel proud.

1. Legendary Expertise In High Altitude

Indian Army needs no introduction at all. They are the one who went ahead and became the best in the world. Indian army is known for its legendary expertise training in the high altitude  along with mighty armies like the US, German and British

2.The Third Largest Army To Walk On Earth

The more you praise the Indian army, the less it seems. With 1,129,900 active troops and 960,000 reserve troops, the Indian army is the 3rd largest army to walk our planet. Also, it’s an all-volunteer force and comprises more than 80% of the country’s active defence personnal .

3. Most Intelligent Nuclear Program Using ‘Thorium’

While countries around the world struggled to find the replacement for Uranium as a nuclear fuel, India’s nuclear program was already thriving on Thorium. Since India was naturally rich in Thorium deposits, our brilliant scientists made use of it instead of Uranium (Uranium 238) as fuel and surprised the whole world.

4. Number Of Internet Users

Wonder why Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other Internet giants consider India a top priority? It is because we dominate the Internet world and are second only to China in the number of live Internet users. India has approximately 462,124,989 Internet users, much more than the number of users in US, Japan, and Russia where the rate of penetration is much higher than ours.

5. Solar-Powered Cochin Airport

We Indians have always strived hard to make this world a better place to live in. Just like we volunteered the use of Thorium, we’ve pioneered the usage of solar energy as well. Cochin International airport holds the distinction of being world’s first airport to be fully powered by solar energy. Following the footsteps of Cochin airport, the government of India is also aiming to make a few more airports solar-powered by 2022.

6. Yoga and Ayurveda

Debate this as much as you want but yoga has become a rage across the globe. And who else is to thank but India. Yogananda talked about the physical and eternal benefits of yoga that are now being actively confirmed by modern medical science.

7. First Asian Nation to Reach Mars’ Orbit

India’s Mars mission doesn’t need any second introduction. Founded by Vikram Sarabhai, ISRO has achieved a lot many feats already and the Mars mission has served as the cherry on the cake. India became the first Asian and the fourth country in the world to reach the Mars’ orbit. Also, India’s project costed just around Rs 450 crore which made it the cheapest successful Mars orbital mission.

8. Indian Army

The dialogues of Akshay Kumar in Namastey London were no piece of fiction. The Indian Army is the third largest army in the world. It comprises of 1,220,010 active personnel and 990,960 reserve personnel. The Indian Army also constitutes around 80% of the total defence personnel in India.

9. Second Largest IT Industry In The World

The growth of the Indian IT scene has been monstrous. Thanks to this growth, our IT sector is the 2nd largest in the world. What’s even better is that in about another five years, we will take over China and sit tight on the number one spot.

10. Indian Air Force

With almost 1,820 aircraft in service, 905 Combat Planes, 595 Fighters and 310 Attackers, Indian air force is remembered as the fourth most feared air force in the world. With sheer hard work and dedication, today Indian army is ahead of Germany, Britain  and many other developed countries.

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